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Vastu Design Services  

We provide any of the following:

  • Initial review - mini consult of a plot of land and an existing house or proposed house plan.
  • Architectural design including client consultations, initial drawings, plans and elevations, completed construction documentation
  • Vaastu Site and Layout Consultant Coordination with your builder or architectur
  • Design Consultation Consulting working with your architect or builder.
  • Vastu Sastra Design Intensive On-site site work on commercial or home vastu architecture project for 3-10 days. At the end we will have a design solution.
  • Design Documentation Standard design and construction documents for buildings.
  • Personal Adjustments Personal adjustments to your plans per jyotish.
  • Phone consultation One hour phone consultation Mr. Borden speaks to new people each week about their projects worldwide. He encourages potential clients to call and talk or send an email about their project and how vaastu architecture can serve their needs.
  • Rectification of existing structures means recommending adjustments to existing structures to make them more in harmony with universal energy and more supportive of positive life experiences.
  • Furniture design
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