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Civil/ Structural Design  
Analysis, design and drawings for various RCC and Steel Structures such as Equipment Foundations, Pipe Rack, Technological Structures, Compressor Shed, Blast resistant Control Room, Substation,Plant and Non-Plant buildings,etc.
Design and drawings for General Civil facilities such as Storm Water Drain, CRWS, Trenches, paving, roads, local support/foundations, pits, etc. Preparation of design philosophies such as foundation design basis, Design of various facilities as per guidelines set in ITB.
Preparation for enquiry documents for the purpose of civil work tender. Providing and control of MTO for cement, rebar and structural steel at various stages. Preaparation for job data bank.
Proposal works including estimation of BOQ, preliminary design, preparation for proposal documents,etc.
3D model ( upon request by client) Fabrication Drawings Peer check for calculations/ drawings prepared by other consultants
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